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The right information at your current location. Immediately!

Show your multimedia content and messages on info-points all around the world. Any GPS location on the earth can be info-point as well as any QR code marker which you can put wherever you want - indoors or outdoors. Or start two-way communication using one of the integrated services.

How does it work? Register on the platform if you want to distribute any content or messages to other people. Then create info-point and mark it with QR code marker or GPS coordinates. Design and edit your content or message you want to show at your info-point and that's it. Anyone can see your content or message, even if not registered user on the platform!

What kind of content can you show to the other people? Web content page - mixed multimedia content you can edit and design, play an audio file, showcase a series of images, view one or more videos, write your comments, download one or more file(s), send notifications and messages (using whatsapp, viber, facebook messanger, skype, sms or email)... or start one of the services integrated on the platform.

NOTE: any created content on the platform can be shared on social networks and as standalone web page! So once created - can be shown where you want, not only at info-point. Content can be on more than one language at the same time!

People will see the expected content or message - at the place where they are at that moment - simply and immediately. That's the key point of this platform.

Get important information when you are traveling, attending an event, hiking, fishing, walking on streets, going to the institution, hospital...

Anyone can see created content and it's very simple:

  • Scan QR code (the user does not even need to use the app, instead he can scan with any QR code scanner on his mobile phone)
  • Search current location where you are (turn around yourself and look into mobile phone's camera - you will see all the info-points if they exists - and their content)
  • Look at the map

Use Cases

This platform can be used both in person and business purposes. For fun, advertising, education, tourists, citizens, institutions, companies, small businesses, organizations...

Personal use

Mark your luggage when you are traveling with QR code and if you lost it or something go wrong, anybody could scan QR code and immediately get in touch with you (sending you notification or message automatically). You can mark any object on the same way, for example a dog tag for your pets. Just create info-point and mark it with QR code, and then create content with your contact info and a trigger that will send you notification.

Create an info-point with your medical information and mark it with QR code. Put this QR code on any object you are carring with you and it could be very important for you if something go wrong.. Medical experts need only scan this QR code and will get all the information that could be cruical in medical treatment.

You can create an info-point and mark it with GPS coordinates to show other people some interesting things about some exciting places in nature, an events at some places, even about some interesting info about your home.

Create an info-point where you can leave a message and notify other people about important information on that location. When somebody will be at that location or near it, this message will appear in its mobile phone camera. For example, on lakes, rivers, mountines... wherever you want. Or notifiy people about some good party at restaurant, caffe.. or notify your friends to follow you somewhere if you are togather...

There are many useful use cases where you can use this platform for personal purposes.

Advertising and promotion

Companies, small businesses, organizations.. everyone can use this platform to promote their products, services or anything else.

Create, design, manage and track your campaign. First create and mark an info-point with QR code or GPS coordinates depending where you want to show your ad. Then create multimedia content to be shown to the users.

You can put your ad content to any place where you expect that will be your potential customers, even without going there - just mark that location with GPS coordinates and your ad will be ready for any visitor of that place. For example, if you sell fishing equipment you could create your info-points near some lakes, rivers.. or if you sell books, you could put info-points at book's fair.. or put info-points near your small business.. or put info-points at stadiums, bus stations, airports.. You can mark some info-points with QR code and the others with GPS coordinates.. or with both markers.

Each ad campaign has its statistisc you can always see and analyze.

Detailed information and messages

In-depth multimedia information about a point-of-interest. Point-of-interest (POI) could be a monument, artefact at a museum or gallery, building, business card...anything we want to "revive" using multimedia content and info-point.

Institutions, organizations (local, tourist), local government... could create info-points to provide detailed information about POIs on their teritory (multimedia data - video, audio.., historic data, upcoming events...).

They could also create messages and news data for visitors and citizens - info-point like notice board.


There are some services as part of this platform which registered users could use. They can create a service which will communicate with their customers, visitors, patients... with an option of full management, reporting and statistics.

These services are: Indoor and outdoor navigation, Queueing system, Event system, Survey system, Catalog system, Education system...

Hospitals can create a route to guide visitors or patients to their destination using a QR code, GPS location and send them a messages or notifications or even medical documentations...

Users can create an event system and visitors can then confirm their arrival to the event and identify themselves by scanning the QR code..

When some restaurant or store create a catalog system, customers can see detailed multimedia information about products or food for example, and make pre-order. Just by scanning QR code...

Small business can create a scheduling or queueing system..


This platform is very powerful but simple system to distribute data and to communicate with your users.

Web app

The platform doesn't need to be installed on your mobile phone. Can be used in mobile phone's web browser.


Content and user interface could be on more than one language. One info-point - content on one or many languages.

Unregistered users

Users don't need to be registered to see the content of an info-point. They don't need to use the app at all to scan QR code.

Admin tool

Users have a full control to design and manage everything. Create info-point and then change its content whenever you want.

Different users

This platform could be used by many different type of users: organizations, institutions, persons, governments, companies, small businesses...

Free options

The most of the features used personally or in education purpose are free of charge and will be always free.

Help the platform and be involved

Invest in this exciting and useful project and help it to be launched globally as soon as possible.

The project is of high quality and very useful and has attracted a lot of interest from clients in Croatia who are already using it. That is why we decided to launch the project globally and for this purpose we ask your help.

This is not just an idea, the platform already has 20 customers in Croatia(local governments, tourist boards, libraries, museums...) even without any serious marketing campaign, so please get involved in a promising project and platform, help it financially and be part of a team, because everyone who helps will benefit from this platform, both financially and from its usage in daily life.

Why do we need your financial help?

Well, to be strong professional we need to fine tune this platform to be used globally, organize support and marketing for clients and develop some new features we already planned. And that will need a lot of funds we don't have enough right now. So instead of waiting and going step by step or finding some partners, we decided to offer a partnership to many small investors to be involved in such an exciting project.

How will we make a profit?

Our clients will be organizations, companies, small business, institutions, museums, persons... Some of them will use this platform for free, but some will pay monthly or yearly fees, depending on what features of platform will use. Other incomes will be from advertising. More users - more incomes.

What is your benefit?

You will be rewarded depending on amount you invest in this project. If you invest for example €100 your profit will be €300 + 2 months free usage of this platform. If you invest €250 or more your profit will be €1,000 + 3 months free usage of this platform. Moreover, you will help to launch this new services and will probably use it in some daily life situations. You can see more about rewards on the fundraising website.






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An experienced IT expert, software architect and author of many large and very complex IT systems for web and mobile platform.

Davor Sostaric

Product Manager and author

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers on some questions you would probably asked.

  • Yes, we can. It works already in Croatia at some clients so there is no reason not to work globally. It will be launched 100% and we plan to do that in next 1-3 months, depending on funds we raise.

  • Yes, we have. We will rent a services based on daily/monthly/yearly fees depending on what our clients needed. It includes advertising campaigns too. Considering some features are free of charge (mostly for personal use), our intention is to have a lot of users using the platform regardless of they are registered or not.

  • US and EU, no doubt. Then we will go to the other countries all around the world.

  • We plan to raise €9,500 to start the platform with minimum expenses, but will accept even more funds because it will speed up the project launching. If you plan to have a percentage of profit or you plan to donate over €1,000 please get in contact with us to make an agreement.

Invest To Participate

Let's go together to launch a new platform that will help many people all around the world to get the right information at the right place.